Hello, we’re EHI

We’re a growth fund comprised of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors with over 30 years in the hospitality business and beyond.

Backing proven businesses

With winning ideas we wish we'd thought of ourselves...

...Led by dynamic people we wish we'd hired...

...With an uplifting workplace culture we’d be proud to call our own...

...And an innovative solution that makes life a little bit better for all stakeholders.

What we bring to the table

what we bring
Backing for the future

We make investments of $10-25 million that are flexible, generally non-control, and geared towards long-term growth

Like-minded community

Our partners have ample opportunities to collaborate, learn, and exchange ideas with a network of passionate leaders who share common values

Expertise to drive growth

Turning a good company into a great one takes the kind of know-how that only a dynamic team of seasoned experts can provide

EHI Expertise

Strategic direction

Consumer insights, market research and analysis, site selection, and expert guidance for long-term growth.


Introductions to USHG investors, EHI Limited Partners, industry peers, and access to our annual Community of Companies Summit.


Lease negotiations, operational and systems development, international licensing, and non-traditional venue expansion.

Marketing & communications

Collaboration with world-class teams in marketing, branding, and public relations.

Talent & culture

Human resources, training, administration, and scaling employee-first cultures.

Tailored support

We provide our partners with the unique resources they need to encourage the most effective growth.


EHI is short for Enlightened Hospitality Investments. We took inspiration from USHG founder Danny Meyer’s philosophy of Enlightened Hospitality. It emphasizes putting employees first, which translates into happy customers and long-term business success.