Dunkin’, Jamba and now Dig: Why Less Name Means More for Brands

Dunkin' was more than doughnuts. Jamba was more than juice. And Dig Inn, by lopping off the "Inn" in its name, is signifying that it’s more than a restaurant. 

Adam Eskin, the founder and CEO of Dig (née Dig Inn), announced earlier this week the company's name change in a post on publishing platform Medium. 

"In short, Dig has become more than a restaurant,” Eskin wrote. “It's a shared belief that access to good food — picked recently enough to enjoy its full set of nutrients, carried only as far as it needs to, grown and cooked by first names, and priced to feed a neighborhood — shouldn't have to be a movement, an ethos, a privilege or even a doubt. So, today we're making a transition that reflects the full scope of our ambitions by officially changing our name to Dig."

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