Qu Expands its Unified Commerce Platform for Enterprise Restaurants

BETHESDA, MD – [4/7/2022] – Qu, the restaurant tech company that built the industry’s first Unified Commerce and Ordering Platform, has announced several major enhancements that deliver even more unification and streamlining for multi-unit restaurant operators. 

The new additions to the platform include Qu’s native Kitchen Solution (“Compass”), a native Kiosk Solution (“Flex”) and the first of its kind In-Store Cloud. 

A Kitchen Compass

At the top of the platform additions list is Qu’s native Kitchen Solution. Unlike traditional KDS systems that are disconnected from the multi-channel ordering process, Qu’s “Kitchen Compass” provides in-kitchen and above-store visibility to all orders irrespective of their source. The solution allows restaurant teams to more efficiently manage and optimize production capacity and volume between their omni-channel orders.

A Flexible Kiosk

To help alleviate labor challenges, Qu released its native Kiosk (“Flex”) that can serve two distinct order-entry roles: staff-facing or guest-facing. Use it as a traditional stand-alone kiosk, or as a POS-to-Kiosk hybrid device by ‘flipping’ it on the fly. This unique dual purpose empowers in-store teams to pivot roles based on guest traffic and labor availability. More importantly, it saves restaurant owners the added cost of purchasing a stand-alone kiosk.

Local, In-Store Cloud

Making huge advancements for restaurant workers in system availability is Qu’s ground-breaking In-Store Cloud. The local cloud completes Qu’s unique Commerce Cloud architecture by bringing the public cloud into the store using ultra-modern Edge Computing. 

Unlike first-generation cloud solutions, Qu’s In-Store Cloud delivers never-seen-before levels of stability and uptime, faster transaction processing, and enhanced data redundancy. All in-store order taking devices—from POS to handheld tablets or guest-facing kiosks—smartly and transparently switch between Qu’s in-store and public cloud.

More importantly, applying edge computing to Qu’s local cloud helps operators set the stage for future technology additions, leveraging AI/ML to empower dynamic pricing, promotions, voice ordering, and the next big thing. 

“All three of these new products and platform enhancements were developed to provide restaurant operators with the flexibility to run their businesses their way, while dealing with labor and supply chain challenges,” said Amir Hudda, Qu’s CEO. “Operators now have more options and can focus on increasing revenues and improving store operations.” 

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