Cookies against yellow background

Chip City Cookies

Company History

Founded in 2017

Partnered with EHI in 2022


Peter Phillips, CEO


Born in Astoria, Queens in 2017, Chip City Cookies began as a hobby between childhood friends Peter Phillips and Teddy Gailas, as the duo challenged each other on who could make the best cookie.

While everyone has a mom or grandma eager to say they are the best at something, friends and strangers did the same – raving about the gourmet cookies being created and consumed. A small storefront, some equipment, and a dream led the entrepreneurial team to listen to that feedback and open store one. Today, Chip City has 14 locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, with plans to have at least 5 more stores by the end of 2022. Then comes multi-state growth, leveraging a shipping partnership with UBER, and franchise partner growth.

This is another incredible validator for the brand and the business mission we have – to make communities smile through the quality of our products and to make our employees feel purpose in their communities.

Peter PhillipsCEO
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